The Problem Of Surgeons And Drinking

The Problem Of Surgeons And Drinking-PhysicianHealthProgram.comAs much as 15 percent of surgeons have some kind of alcohol abuse problem, which may come as a shock to most people.

Doctors should know better, right? Alcoholism and physicians is a common combination. The rate of alcoholism among surgeons in particular is higher than in the general population, but why? And what are the consequences of having surgeons, whose patients’ lives are in their hands, struggling with alcohol abuse and addiction? [Read more…]

Say Om: Medical Students Learn Meditation To Prevent Burnout

It’s tough being a doctor. After undergoing years of study involving countless hours of cracking the books, cramming for exams, and trying to meet increasingly difficult schedules, medical students often emerge ill-equipped to handle mounting stress, prevent burnout or recognize the impact this has on self- and patient care.

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Massage Therapy May Help Nurses Manage Work-Related Stress

On their feet for long hours and having to cope with ever-increasing patient loads, demanding schedules, paperwork, follow-up, and other responsibilities can exact a heavy toll on nurses. Work-related stress and related symptoms is often the result.

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