What Can Doctors Expect From A Physician Health Program?

What Can Doctors Expect From A PHP-Physician Health ProgramAddiction treatment centers for physicians are called physician health programs (PHP), and most are run by states. Almost all states have a PHP, which is a treatment facility that is specifically tailored to the needs of doctors and other health care professionals. They are designed to help physicians struggling with addiction to not only get well, but also get back to work. There are several elements of a PHP that makes it different from a typical addiction rehab. [Read more…]

Why Do Physicians Fail To Self-Report?

Why Do Physicians Struggle with Self-Reporting-physicianhealthprogramDrug abuse in health care professionals is not uncommon. In fact, physicians and nurses are often more vulnerable to substance abuse and more likely to have a substance use disorder than the general population. It seems counterintuitive and that health care workers should know better than to abuse drugs or drink excessively, but [Read more…]

Physician Health Programs Help Doctors Struggling with Prescription Drugs

Physician Health Programs Help Doctors Struggling with Prescription DrugsWhen we think about the prescription drug epidemic few of us include the doctors who prescribe those drugs. And yet around 10-15 percent of physicians wind up dealing with substance abuse at some point in their lives, mostly in the form of prescription drug abuse. Though this is roughly equivalent to rates among the general population, doctors who use substances while still in practice are a risk to their patients and can harm to public confidence. Few physicians are willing to risk seeking treatment for fear of their addiction being discovered, but physician health programs (PHPs) were designed to overcome this very hurdle.

[Read more…]

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