California Declares E-Cigarettes Public Health Hazard

The California Department of Public Health recently issued a strong statement condemning e-cigarettes as a health threat and asking they be regulated as if they were tobacco products.

In doing so, the department was following the lead of health officials in several other states as concern grows about the sudden expansion of the market for this potentially dangerous [Read more…]

Washington State Supreme Court Rules Against Psychiatric Boarding

On August 7, 2014, the Washington State Supreme Court ruled that the practice known as “psychiatric boarding” violates the law. Psychiatric boarding refers to housing psychiatric patients temporarily in hospital emergency rooms until space becomes available at specialized treatment facilities.

Supreme Court Psychiatric Boarding Violates Law - PhysicianHealthProgramIn 2013, The Seattle Times reported that psychiatric boarding had become an epidemic in Washington, with more than double the number of patients involuntarily detained in emergency rooms in 2013 than in 2011. The Washington Supreme Court decision [Read more…]

New Opioid Painkiller From Oxy Maker Purdue Pharma Receives Approval

By Lee Johnson

Oxy Creater’s Abusive Resistant Drug Approved - PhysicianHealthProgramThe prescription drug abuse epidemic doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

There have been many suggested approaches to reducing the numbers of deaths from overdoses, but the fact remains that opioid (translation: narcotic) painkillers are always going to be open to abuse.

[Read more…]

Fearful Feds Put New Limits On Addictive Painkillers

New Restrictions On Prescription Painkillers - PhysicianHealthProgramThe Drug Enforcement Administration announced in August that extra restrictions would soon be placed on prescription opioid painkillers. After a 45-day waiting period, these new regulations have now been activated, and the way narcotic pain medications are distributed has changed significantly as a result. [Read more…]

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