New Symptoms of PTSD May Require New Treatment

Symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may run deeper than what health officials originally thought.

According to an online article, researchers now believe that additional symptoms experienced by PTSD sufferers could prohibit the effectiveness of certain treatments.

Research conducted on veterans found that those who suffered from the disorder had slower reaction times, otherwise known as the executive function of the brain. They were also more likely to struggle with paying attention, multi-tasking and problem solving.

Currently, patients are mainly treated for the high anxiety and fear that are known side effects for the disorder. They are most commonly prescribed anti-depressants as the medication needed to help.

With this new information, the current treatment may only be helping one level of PTSD when the disorder runs much deeper than just the mental piece. The medication may need to be altered with PTSD patients to counter the additional side effects that have been presented as a result of the recent study.

PTSD is a disorder that comes with a person experiencing high levels of stress or trauma in their life. This is a disorder which does not allow the person to return to functioning in everyday life as they have before.

The disorder consumes their life and as researchers have learned the symptoms are more advanced than what was once believed. Any extremely stressful event could lead to PTSD and the long-term effects could be damaging if a person does not seek appropriate help for the problem.

As more and more information comes out about the disorder, this could really change the lives of those who suffer with any type of mental disorder that is brought on as a result of a disturbing event in their life. From soldiers to civilians, this new information could be the piece that helps them put their life back together and return to life as normal.

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