Getting Treatment As An Addicted Physician

Drug addiction, alcoholism and physicians go together more than most people would think. Medical doctors are actually at a slightly greater risk than the general public of developing an addiction. There are a number of factors that can explain this, including the stress of the job, and treatment is not always straightforward.

Getting Treatment As An Addicted Physician - Physician Health ProgramReporting incidences of substance abuse is not always common, and admitting to having a problem is never easy. There are ways to get effective and stigma-free treatment from physician health programs.

Why Do Doctors Become Addicts?

It can be difficult to understand just how physicians fall into the trap of addiction when they are so educated about human health. Doctors should know better, right? The truth is that no matter how much we know about how bad something is for us, we will still find reasons to do it. This rings true for all kinds of people, physicians included.

In fact, there are a number of reasons why doctors are more susceptible to substance abuse and addiction. They work in extremely stressful jobs and make important, life-changing decisions on a daily basis. Sometimes they make the wrong decision and a patient suffers.

The stress of being a doctor begins in medical school with long hours and the pressure to succeed. Using alcohol or drugs is a common way to cope. Add to this the access doctors have to prescription drugs, and you can begin to see why they are vulnerable.

Admitting To Addiction And Getting Treatment As An Addicted Physician

Another problem facing physicians is that there is an extra stigma in admitting to have an addiction. It’s tough for anyone to admit to this, but for doctors there is more shame, not to mention the fear of professional reprisals. In an effort to get help for addicted medical doctors, many states host what are called physician health programs, or PHPs.

A PHP is a safe place for a physician to go to get treatment and to make sure that they can stay licensed or regain licensing. Losing that professional licensing is one of the main reasons doctors don’t seek help for addiction. A PHP offers a structured program that includes accountability, professional treatment and long-term monitoring to help a doctor get clean and be able to remain a licensed and practicing physician.

Physician treatment programs have helped many doctors get clean and keep working. The five-year abstinence rate for participants is as high as 80 percent. Ninety-six percent of participating physicians are able to return to work.

The success rates for PHPs are higher than most treatment programs for the general population. Clearly they are working and represent a path for addicted doctors who aren’t sure where to turn in the face of this terrible disease.

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