The Power In Keeping…And Sharing…A Secret

Sunrise On Top Of Mountain-Secrets-Physician Health ProgramConventional wisdom in the addiction recovery community is that “we are as sick as our secrets.” Secrets fuel addictive behaviors because of how deeply they’re rooted. They breach trust, overwhelm the people keeping them and damage relationships.

Therapists hear some of clients’ most raw and painful secrets. They might include confessions such as [Read more…]

Why Do Physicians Fail To Self-Report?

Why Do Physicians Struggle with Self-Reporting-physicianhealthprogramDrug abuse in health care professionals is not uncommon. In fact, physicians and nurses are often more vulnerable to substance abuse and more likely to have a substance use disorder than the general population. It seems counterintuitive and that health care workers should know better than to abuse drugs or drink excessively, but [Read more…]

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