Brief Training On Overdose Sufficient For Distribution Of Naloxone, Study Finds

Doctor Training On Overdose - PhysicianHealthProgram.comBrief educational sessions in the use of naloxone are capable of helping laypeople recognize and appropriately react to most of the telltale signs of an overdose, researchers have found.

Naloxone is a medication that can temporarily halt the drug actions of opioid substances and thereby reduce the risks for severe or fatal outcomes in cases of opioid overdose. However, [Read more…]

What Puts Anesthesiologists At Risk For Addiction?

Anesthesiologists Risk For Addiction-www.physicianhealthprogram.comWhat surprises and worries many people is that their doctors, the very people they trust for their well-being, are at a high risk for substance abuse and addiction. The problem is at its worst in anesthesiologists, those physicians responsible for putting patients under for surgery.

Doctors with the highest addiction rate are anesthesiologists, but why? What makes doctors vulnerable to substance abuse and why are anesthesiologists at greatest risk? [Read more…]

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