Getting Treatment As An Addicted Physician

Drug addiction, alcoholism and physicians go together more than most people would think. Medical doctors are actually at a slightly greater risk than the general public of developing an addiction. There are a number of factors that can explain this, including the stress of the job, and treatment is not always straightforward.

Getting Treatment As An Addicted Physician - Physician Health ProgramReporting incidences of substance abuse is not always common, and admitting to having a problem is never easy. There are ways to get effective and stigma-free treatment from physician health programs. [Read more…]

How Do Doctors Become Addicts?

It seems hard to believe, but doctors often become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Physicians should know better than the average person just how dangerous and harmful substance abuse is, and yet they are vulnerable to developing addictions.

How Do Doctors Become Addicts - PhysicianHealthProgram.comIn fact, doctors are slightly more likely to become addicted than anyone in the general population. Work stress and other factors contribute to this phenomenon.

It is important that physicians are aware of the increased risk and take steps to avoid substance abuse and addiction.

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