Meeting the Needs of Older Patients

Elderly-Addicts-Suffering-in-SilenceIt’s no secret the world is getting grayer – not with respect to climate, but in terms of population advancing in years. In 2013, there were nearly 579 million people age 65 and older around the globe. By the year 2050 it is projected to be over 1.45 billion.

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Are Guidelines Needed for Medical Students’ Use of Social Media?

Are-Guidelines-Needed-for-Medical-Students-Use-of-Social-Media?These days everyone uses social media, including medical students and health care professionals. Where the use of social media gets blurry, in terms of ethical and professional considerations, is when those in the medical profession don’t separate personal from professional.

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10 Tips to Help Doctors Tune in to Their Patients

10TipstoHelpDoctorsTuneintoTheirPatientsIt’s an unfortunate reality that many people dread going to the doctor, fearing that their concerns won’t be addressed or the doctor’s too busy or isn’t really listening to them. Studies have shown that patients appreciate the rare physician that spends just the right amount of time with them, giving the patient their undivided attention.

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